About 2017: The Comic

This is my third attempt at doing comics. I’ve always had a soft spot for them – I grew up with Peanuts, The Far Side and Calvin & Hobbes, so I’ve always enjoyed the art of being able to convey comedy in such a short span of space, or, in Gary Larson’s

case – just one panel consistently. It’s something I’ve always kinda’ wanted to do, but what were the chances of getting your comic in the paper, let alone syndicated? Thankfully, technology and the internet have advanced enough where I can pursue this comic at my own pace within the constraints of my relatively busy life.

Near the end of 2017, I noticed myself getting into a feeling of autonomy, even after work. I eventually get to a point where I see that I’m basically doing everything like clockwork. I really don’t like that feeling, so, a few days before Christmas, I decided I was going to start doing this webcomic to help add some variety and challenge to my life. Afterall, It’s been something that I’ve wanted to do for awhile, and I had the resources to give it another shot … so I’m giving it another shot.

As I’ve worked on the development of the comic, I’ve realized that there really isn’t a set direction of where the comic is going to go, I’m going to let the comic evolve as I continue to work on the comic – so there’s no real over-arching storyline that I’m working on. The name of the comic stems from personal experience. I believe laughter is an absolute necessity to help cope with crap that’s thrown your way in life, and 2017 threw a lot of crap my way. So I kinda’ found it fitting to go with 2017: The Comic.

I’m hoping the comic will be seen as satirical, with stupid and/or dark humor and will sometimes point out the hypocrisies that I see in today’s world. I’m throwing a few additional ideas around that I want to try, but the primary goal is to poke fun at absolutely absurd things.

I’m hoping to incorporate both the good and bad from my previous comics into this one. So, the one I did one in college – sucked. I planned to do a Monday/Wednesday/Friday comic, on top of a full-time class schedule, extra curricular stuff, socializing. Not only that, but drawing tablets were very expensive back then, so the best route I could go was drawing it, scanning it, and cleaning it up. It was too ambitious of a project with little experience, resources and time. It was a recipe for disaster. This is why I won’t be pressuring myself too much with this project. I’m aiming at a minimum of three comics a month, four maximum. Now that we got that out of the way, we won’t talk anymore about the college comic. The first one that I did back in high school, though, was amazing. It was an absolutely absurd amount of stick-figure death comics. So stupid it was funny. We’re talking Carnivorous Pacmen and butterflies with baseball bats who were revolting against the human race. I’m hoping to take some of the creativity and absurdity from those comics and incorporate them into here.

Comic Schedule

Comics are uploaded every Sunday to this website, followed by various social media like Twitter and Reddit. I will aim for one comic a week, but because this is a hobby, if real-life comes into play, I may not hit that goal; so I am at least aiming for three strips per month.


If you are interested in watching my work on the project, you can follow me on Twitch.If you’d rather just see the finished product instead of how it’s made and how often I complain about not being happy with the eyes or hands I’ve drawn, then you may want to skip the stream.

I have no set schedule, but I generally stream on Friday and Saturday nights. If you want to be notified when I’m online, there’s two ways you can do it: One is to follow me on Twitch and get emails when I go live. The other option is to join Discord and make sure the #streaming-now channel isn’t muted. When I go live, you should get pinged/notified.