Never Asked Questions

Never Asked Questions

When do you post new comics?
Comics are generally posted on Sundays on the website and Reddit; then throughout social media during the week. I aim for four comics a month, with a minimum of three depending on how busy I am in real life.

What is your streaming schedule?
Gaming streams take place Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday; Comic streams take place Friday, Saturday or Sunday. The time fluctuates and there’s a chance that I won’t stream at all. Your best way to get notified of when I’m streaming is to join my Discord server. I have a channel that posts announcements once I go live.

How long do your comics take?
Comics generally take about two to three hours from start-to-finish (and it shows, too!).

How would you feel about people using your comic for their own content?
It’s popular for people to take existing content, add their own text and share it online (think /r/MemeEconomy on Reddit). In the rare event that someone wants to do that with my comics, I am fine with it as long as the branding guidelines are followed. Please notify me once the content has been uploaded. I’d be interested to see where you took it.

How do you feel otherwise about people sharing your comics in mediums you aren’t in (i.e. Facebook)?
As long as the branding guidelines are followed.

Okay, what are your branding guidelines?
Just do these three things and we’ll be good:

  1. Leave the logo at the top of the panel.
  2. Leave the website address at the bottom of the panel.
  3. Don’t use or edit the comic in a way that will reflect negatively on the comic (i.e. No racism, hate speech, politics, etc.)

Any perks to following your comic outside of just checking for a new comic every week?
There is, but it’s not a lot, right now. I have a voting channel in the Discord server where people can vote on the next comic. As the server grows, I have other plans, but the comic doesn’t have a big enough following to merit them right now.

How many times will you change your site’s layout?
More than I like to admit.

If there are any other never asked questions that you’d like to ask, jet me an email or hop onto Discord.